Wouldn’t it be nice to have time for the things you’d really like to do? Take a walk, read a book, listen to music, think(!), have a meaningful conversation with a friend, sip that extra cup of tea or coffee…What if you could look around your home and not see a cluttered junk drawer or overstuffed cabinet (or closet or room)? Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you just feel a little overwhelmed by the prospect of de-cluttering. You don’t have to go it alone. One of our greatest pleasures is helping people gain clarity to see possibilities in their life by minimizing clutter from their spaces and organizing their schedules.

With nearly 20 years of experience, many satisfied clients (not to mention, grateful families and spouses (or is that “spice”?)), we creatively problem-solve, brainstorm, clear the decks, and all in a budget-friendly, minimally-stressful, confidential manner. Organizing is not one-size-fits-all. After all, you’re one-of-a-kind! Together, we’ll tailor a solution that is perfect for you. Isn’t it about time you put yourself first, and enjoy your life in a more profound way??? Downsizing the clutter of our lives can often open up the space and time for relationships, activities and the opportunity to (deep breath here) “just be.” We look forward to meeting you!

Our Approach

We don’t judge.

We help you move forward. (Believe us, whatever it is, we’ve seen worse.) Organizing can be fun and dynamic and flexible. Let’s make it better – together. We create solutions with you, for you – as a team. Organizing doesn’t have to be exhausting. It can be energizing, (even more than coffee) really!

Devora Farrell, the brains and brawn behind ThisOrganized, LLC, brings a wealth of experience, a positive attitude and a wry sense of humor to every endeavor. A long time and Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers  she is well versed in the needs of a wide range of individuals, including those people with executive functioning deficits, ADD, ‘right’sizing seniors, multi-tasking high-powered women with carpool on Tuesdays, shooting practice on Thursdays, and an endless to-do list, and people who just don’t like organizing but thrive when their environment is organized.

 Also a public presenter,  and a community project leader, Devora speaks to groups and organizations on a multiplicity of subjects including organizing, inspirational topics and dealing successfully with serious challenges.

It’s Time to Get This Organized…

kitchen pic


It’s 5 o’clock and the kids are clamoring for supper. Oh dear. Supper? The breakfast dishes are still in the sink. From yesterday. Crunch. Stepped on another Cheerio®. How do so many cupboard doors stay open all at the same time…? Sound familiar? 

As opposed to: “Ah, now I’ll snip some chives from the kitchen garden to garnish the roast. Isn’t it lovely that we all get to sit together to share a relaxing supper?” Nice fantasy, eh? Reality can be somewhere in between the two. It’s up to you. Whether you want a kitchen that’s a streamlined hub of activity, or a place that is visited only at mealtime, we’ll work together to actualize your vision.


Is it also your bill-paying place? Your library? Your sometime dinner table? A large surface on which to fold laundry? Maybe all at the same time? Doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it? Whether it’s a futon on the floor, or fifteen decorative pillows on a featherbed, let’s create an inviting space for you.

A renewing, refreshing refuge. Children have difficulty getting up, dressed and out the door on time. Do they leave behind a maelstrom of toys, clothing and bed linen strewn around? Everybody functions better with some kind of system for time management and “stuff management” — especially when transitioning from sleep to awake. Don’t raise your voice, raise your standards. Start everybody off with a warm smile and a cheering section.

Home Offices

Real work takes place here. Your success requires a purpose-driven, streamlined space. Do you prefer blank walls or maybe a photo of an uplifting scene? Or, perhaps motivational quotes? Or, your certifications and awards lining the wall to inspire you and show how far you’ve come?

Take advantage of the fact that it is a home office and use what you know about yourself and how you work best. Create a space that is comfortable but at the same time will push you forward (even if you work in pajamas). Design an environment that spurs accomplishment and productivity within an efficient timeframe and yes, let’s file all those papers while we’re at it. Let’s go forth and conquer.

Family Rooms

The most chameleon-like space in people’s homes, its arrangement can be revisited frequently as needs change. What an exciting opportunity to reinvent! How do you want the room to be used? 

Let’s choose from the many approaches available to find the perfect one for your particulars. It can be  a craft room (materials ranging from paper and crayons to fine fabrics and sewing supplies), a toy room (for kids of all ages), a curated art gallery for each person’s projects. It can even be a room whose purpose shifts over time, due to changing ages and stages. With rabbits up our sleeves and a magic wand, we collaborate to create the room that works for you right now.

Word On The Street:


“I can’t believe how much easier it is for me to focus on my work, now, enabling me to be more productive, more creative, and un-stuck.” (— S.D.)  

“This clutter had been weighing me down for years! Devora was so encouraging and a pleasure to work with.” (— S.E.)

Ready to get Organized?

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Of Americans feel their home is cluttered and wish they'd have more storage space
It’s estimated we’ll each spend 3,680 hours in our lifetime searching for misplaced items
It's estimated that only 20% of things we own are actually used

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