Frequently Asked Questions

Here are uncommon answers to common questions about organizing:

I’m embarrassed to contact you. You’ve probably never seen such an incredible mess as this…

Well, maybe, but it’s more likely that you’re average (unique and wonderful, of course, but not unexpected.) Our mutual goal is to help get your home in order, not to judge. We have worked with hoarders and with homes that have never been organized, as well as with people who are downsizing, or readying their home for sale. If a tight deadline is required, additional members of the team can be hired or volunteers coordinated. However, we usually work in short sessions with breaks in between to respect the client’s emotional and physical energy-level.

What about confidentiality?

Whether you want our work together to be a surprise or a secret, we respect your privacy. Additionally, we often service clients on behalf of other family members in a different location. If we are somehow identified by neighbors, we could very well be visiting to arrange organizing assistance as a gift for a friend, co-worker or other family member.

Are you a cleaning service?

No, although we often work with cleaning services and are happy to make referrals and work with them to prioritize their tasks.

Will you force me to throw things out?

The client makes all final decisions. There are also many options when possessions have taken over. Charitable organizations are happy to come pick up items in need of a new home. Sometimes, a yard sale is a good idea. Family members may want to reclaim items from their past. The emotional value of some items go way beyond their financial value and need to be kept as meaningful possessions.

Will l have to put everything in industrial-looking labeled bins?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing. Each client has their own style of what level of order looks pleasing to them, which will be respected. Besides, there are many kinds of labeling and many kinds of bins, flowers in a vase being one example.

How long will this take and how much will it cost?

Well, that depends on a number of factors: the level of organization desired, the time allotment or financial budget limitations, the number of people available (client’s family members or friends) to help, or whether the tailored system can be maintained over time only with assistance. We offer a half-day or full-day rate, along with packages including timely re-visits, if desired.

​How do I get started?

After you contact us, you do not need to buy any supplies or containers before we arrive. We’ll work together to determine what you need for the amount of possessions you will have after we have sorted and pared down. Most importantly, take a deep breath and be in touch.

Call us to begin: 973.919.7761