Frequently Asked Questions

Here are uncommon answers to common questions about organizing:

I’m embarrassed to contact you. You’ve probably never seen such an incredible mess as this…

Well, maybe, but it’s more likely that you’re average (unique and wonderful, of course, but not unusual). Teamwork. No judgement. We have worked with people with no time, people who would rather be doing anything else, and people learning new skills. We usually work in short sessions with breaks in between to respect the Organizer’s client’s emotional and physical energy-level.

What about confidentiality?

We absolutely respect confidentiality. Whether you want our work together to be a surprise or a secret, we respect your privacy. This is precisely why we do not provide references. We protect their identities (yes, including yours), even if our work together ended long ago.

Are you a cleaning service?

Organizing is a completely different skillset than cleaning. We understand the client’s needs and continue coursework to remain up to date with new systems, styles, and strategies.  We help you attain your goals, gain new skills and maintain your “after” going forward.

Will you force me to throw things out?

Your stuff, your decision. We don’t bully, rather, we suggest and support.  When possessions interfere with the life you want to live, charities are happy to come pick up items in need of a new home. Sometimes, a yard sale or Ebay might be a good idea (rarely, to be honest). Family members may want to reclaim items from their past. The emotional value of some items go way beyond their financial value and need to be kept.

Will l have to put everything in industrial-looking labeled bins?

Do you want to put everything in industrial-looking labeled bins? If you want to, then go for it. If you don’t want to, then no. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to organizing. You have your own style. We can work with that (unless, of course, your style requires mountains of clutter so high that they really should be named). As long as it works, we’re on board.

How long will this take and how much will it cost?

Forever and ever, and a bazillion dollars. That’s what you’re probably afraid of, right? The true answer? Well, that depends on you. Want the quickest, least expensive options?

  • Make quick decisions
  • Have family/friends willing to help
  • Complete homework between sessions
  • Be open to learning new skills
  • Ask questions
  • Clarify goals and alter as needed
  • Communicate time/budgetary constraints
  • Prevent distractions (no phone, childcare if needed)
  • Purge as much as possible (the less you have, the less you’ll have to take care of)
  • Let go of perfectionism