Fast & Easy Organizing Tips:


Enter “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) in your cellphone contact list, so that first-responders know to look for it

Discard (safely) expired medications from one medicine cabinet

Start a weekly grocery shopping list on the computer/phone

Write (yes, write!) a thank you note for a kindness someone did for you this week

Discard pocketbook rubbish

Start a “fix-it” list

Double a recipe (& save second 1/2 for later)

Organize one drawer or one shelf

  Place travel-size packages of tissues, bandaids, pain reliever (with a safety cap) in purse and glove compartment

Smile and thank the cashier

Update your library card

Call someone who would love to hear from you

Make that cup of tea or coffee

Call a charitable organization to arrange a pickup for two weeks from now

Fill at least one large bag of useful discards in anticipation of that pickup

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