Push Package

$100 Custom Intro Package – 1. You record the area you want to tackle with your personal narration of what you would like to accomplish. 2. Send it This Organized 3. 1 week later a custom 30 Day practical planning guide for cleaning up an area straight to your email box. 

Outsourcing your weaknesses is a noble and productive quality of successful people.  Getting an organizer is just another tool to help you and your family to create lasting healthy habits for a calm space. Here are some sample packages to help you hone in on an area you may want to start on.  Please note all packages are $100 per hour and can be customized to fit your needs. *Note that all packages are introduction packages and do not guarantee a completed job. More hours may be needed depending on the nature of the organizing project.

I want to be can't be need help being Organized

Let's Talk.

No Charge

Initial Phone Call (15 Minutes)

The client openly discusses their organizing pains and areas of focus.

Getting acquainted (10 min) 

Virtual Meeting. Meet  the organizer and decide together on a next steps tackle plan

Plow Forward

$300 for 3 Hours – Virtual Meeting
Assessment of the spaces to tackle
Practical planning guide for moving forward

Mommy Reset

$300 for two ninety minute sessions

Virtual Meeting

Play areas addressed

Home Office
Life/Work Balance

$300 for 3 Hours

Virtual Meeting

Get ready for your workday! Be on time and prepared for meetings and projects . Create a structured workspace and inviting work area. Make it a positive work place and space where you get it done and get it done well! 



Successful office organizing strategies. Clearing the desk, bringing filing up to date, creating a work conducive environment, managing your email, bookshelves.



Wonder Woman

$300 for two ninety minute sessions

Get the kids out of the house on time! Morning and bed time routines for you and the family.  Organizational system to create a calm start and productive jump start to every day. 

Virtual Meeting

Where's my BED?

$200 for 2 Hours

Turn that bedroom into a calm place to recharge, instead of a bunch of To Do’s and laundry chairs. *Closets and dressers are a separate package. 

Virtual Meeting




Budget for the Basics

$150 for one ninety minute sessions

While you describe the needs for the room we will provide ideas for how to make the space more usable. You’ll also receive a checklist so you’ll be ready to start your organizing.

Virtual Meeting

Coaching Cleaning Help

$150 for one ninety minute sessions included. *must include both the hired help and client in the meeting. 

While you describe the needs for the room we will provide ideas for how to make the space more usable. You’ll also receive a checklist so you’ll be ready to start your organizing.

Virtual Meeting

Find my closet again?

$300 for 3 Hours

Having an expert to strategize your closet organization will free you up to see what clothing helps you to feel terrific and successful. 


Virtual Meeting




$100 per hour 

Monthly maintenance packages available

3 follow up check-ins for maintenance meetings can create a long-lasting pattern of good organizing skills. 


Our Approach
We don’t judge.
We help you move forward. (Believe us, whatever it is, we’ve seen worse.) Organizing can be fun and dynamic and flexible. Let’s make it better – together. We create solutions with you, for you – as a team. Organizing doesn’t have to be onerous. It can be fun, really!

Devora Farrell, the brains and brawn behind ThisOrganized, LLC, brings a wealth of experience, a positive attitude and a wry sense of humor to every endeavor. A long-time Gold Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, she is well-versed in the needs of a wide range of individuals, including those people with executive functioning deficits, ADD, ‘right’sizing seniors, multi-tasking high-powered women with carpool on Tuesdays, shooting practice on Thursdays, and an endless to-do list, and people who just don’t like organizing but thrive when their environment is organized.

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