Organizing PUSH Package

Welcome to our introductory Organizing PUSH Package, geared to get you honest with your personal organizing pain. This Organized is here to help you with easy, actionable steps to help you get closer to a peaceful, happy and of course organized home. 

What is the PUSH Package?

1. Take a walk through your home and talk about your challenges

2. Upload your confidential video and one time $100 payment method.

3. Within 1 week you will receive your 30 days custom organizing plan

4. Teeny-tiny actionable steps, cross off those items you relish and be home proud!

5. Decide how you are going to approach your 30 day plan.

  • Solo
  • With a friend or hired help
  • This Organized Team Member

In a nutshell...what am I signing up for?

Don’t be Shy! It’s super simple, just VENT! Tell us all of your organizing woes on a 2-5 minute video and whats app it to 973-919-7761 or send the google link to or upload it on the checkout -form.  

Once your video is confidentially shared with this Organized and your $100 payment is complete.  Your 30 day Organizing PUSH plan will be in your email box in just 1 week. 

Then, you make the choice on how you would like to tackle your tasks

  • Self/ Friend Delegated free options
  • Consulting with This Organized
  • Using paid choice support, to follow steps

I need a little push to do it follow teeny tiny actionable steps cross off those items with relish feel proud of the home I am in

What do I say in the video?

Here are some potential topics and questions you can cover in your video.  

  1. What about this bothers you?
  2. What are you hoping the outcome to be, in addition to becoming organized?
  3. Do you share the space?
  4. What is your storage situation?
  5. What do you like about the area that you are filming?
  6. Do you spend time looking for things?
  7. Have you needed to purchase something again because you lost it?
  8. Do you have ideas on how you will maintain it?
  9. Do you have current cleaning help?
  10. Are you looking to downsize your possessions
  11. Why do you think you are disorganized?
  12. What do you think is getting in your way?
  13. Do you want homework or handheld help?
  14. Do you have friends or family that would help you complete your tasks